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surgery centerCongestive heart failure. In fact, this is a dysfunction of a muscular organ of varying severity. It is determined by a group of species, different in clinical manifestations and prognosis, prospects for recovery. Heart attack. Acute malnutrition of cardiac structures and, as a result of tissue necrosis, replacement of functionally active myocyte cells capable of contraction and conduction of an electrical impulse by coarse scars. Essentially, it is dead tissue. The more it is, the worse the heart works.

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Paroxysmal arrhythmia. Usually by the type of tachycardia (acceleration of the activity of cardiac structures). Mitral insufficiency. It suggests possible regurgitation (reverse flow of blood from the ventricles to the atria), a violation of the functional activity of the organ and blood output, a drop in hemodynamics. Lethal outcome is a matter of time.

Cardiogenic shock. Acute, urgent condition. Requires urgent care, but the chances of the patient returning are almost illusory. Even with luck, death will come within a few years. Exceptions can be counted on one hand for the entire solid practice of doctors on the planet. Preventing the development of complications is one of the goals of treatment at any stage. It is best dealt with at an early stage. Factors are always pathological. Some of them are brought to life by the patient himself.

They lead to the formation of the so-called athlete's heart. This is a combination of dilatation of several chambers with an increase in mass by the muscle layer.

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Truncated options are possible. Both professionals and outdoor enthusiasts suffer. In principle, this is a relatively normal state. The body adapts to changes. But more often there is a gross asymmetry, since physical activity, its mode is chosen incorrectly. Inadequate loads end in dysfunction. Any pathology of the mitral valve.

  • Accompanied by a reverse reflux of blood (MK regurgitation). Usually these are congenital malformations of the anatomical structure. prolapse, stenosis.
  • A little less often, the condition turns out to be secondary, acquired as a result of the course of inflammatory pathologies, rheumatism and other similar ones, associated with gross destruction of tissues over a long or short period of time (heart attack).
  • Predisposition to cardiac pathologies is transmitted. The more relatives suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system are present in the history, the higher the likelihood. At the same time, no one gives a guarantee of pathology.

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Perinatal development disorders, genetic syndromes. They are formed even at the time of laying the cardiac structures. The latter are more often characterized by generalized disorders of the sideon many organs and systems. Recovery presents great difficulties, in some cases it is completely impossible.

Classical anatomical changes on the part of the cardiac structures are left ventricular hypertrophy (growth of the muscle layer without increased activity), as well as dilatation of the corresponding atrium. The guarantee of prevention of such an outcome is determined by the early treatment of the underlying disease with the use of antihypertensive and protectors. Neoplastic processes in cardiac structures.

It provokes an increase in the load on the heart, blood vessels, leads to a decrease in tissue elasticity and gross organic defects. Relatively rare but possible. More often, tumors of this localization turn out to be benign, but such a characteristic is very conditional. there is compression, a decrease in the intensity of the work of cardiac structures. Expansion of the chamber of the left atrium is a relatively late complication.

Long-term dangerous forms of arrhythmia. From fibrillation to atrial extrasystole. The development of the pathological process is not associated with the violation of the frequency of contractions, but with organic tissue defects. Congenital forms of deviation or an acquired process are possible.